Featuring a clean-placket and a relaxed shape, the Alpaca Waffle-Stitch Polo will take you from brr to bundled up.


The Dark Navy hue of the QC211 exudes a timeless sophistication, providing a versatile canvas for both formal and semi-formal occasions. The premium quality fabric chosen for this suit variant not only enhances its visual appeal but also ensures a luxurious feel against the skin, elevating the wearer’s comfort to new heights.

The silhouette of the HL Hedingham QC211 is characterized by a tailored fit that strikes the perfect balance between modern aesthetics and classic tailoring. The jacket features a meticulously structured shoulder, a slim lapel, and a two-button closure, creating a silhouette that effortlessly flatters the wearer’s frame. The trousers are expertly tailored for a clean and streamlined look, reflecting a commitment to precision in every stitch.

Attention to detail is paramount in the HL Hedingham QC211 Dark Navy variant. The subtle yet distinctive design elements, such as the precisely aligned pockets, expertly stitched buttonholes, and the discreet HL monogram, showcase the brand’s dedication to excellence. The fabric’s subtle sheen adds a touch of understated luxury, ensuring the wearer exudes confidence and refinement at every occasion.

Priced at $650, the Huey Lam Suit variant not only represents an investment in superior craftsmanship but also a commitment to style that stands the test of time. The QC211 Dark Navy is more than a suit; it is a statement piece that transcends trends, embodying the essence of sophistication for the discerning individual who appreciates the artistry of fine tailoring.

  • Custom Made Fit
  • Dry Clean only
  • Premium Imported Materials
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