Featuring a clean-placket and a relaxed shape, the Alpaca Waffle-Stitch Polo will take you from brr to bundled up.


The Huey Lam Suit variant, known as the HL KELBURN QC161 DARK NAVY, stands as a paragon of sartorial elegance and refined craftsmanship. Meticulously tailored to perfection, this distinguished suit exemplifies the epitome of sophistication and style, bearing the unmistakable signature of the esteemed Huey Lam brand.

The distinguished DARK NAVY hue, a rich and commanding shade, imparts a sense of understated luxury and timeless allure. Crafted from the finest fabrics, the suit envelops the wearer in a sumptuous embrace, offering a tactile experience that transcends the ordinary. The choice of fabric ensures not only a luxurious feel against the skin but also a structured drape that accentuates the natural contours of the body.

The QC161 model exudes a contemporary yet classic charm, seamlessly marrying traditional tailoring with modern design sensibilities. Every stitch and seam has been executed with precision, reflecting the brand’s commitment to excellence. The silhouette is characterized by its clean lines and well-defined structure, enhancing the wearer’s stature and projecting an air of confidence.

The HL KELBURN QC161 DARK NAVY suit is not merely an ensemble; it is a statement of discernment and refinement. Priced at $699, it represents an investment in quality and enduring style. Whether worn for formal occasions or as a distinguished daily wardrobe choice, this variant embodies the essence of the Huey Lam legacy—a fusion of heritage and contemporary sophistication that elevates the wearer to the pinnacle of sartorial distinction.

  • Custom Made Fit
  • Dry Clean only
  • Premium Imported Materials
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