Featuring a clean-placket and a relaxed shape, the Alpaca Waffle-Stitch Polo will take you from brr to bundled up.

  • Introducing the Huey Lam Shirt variant HLS RIVULET AS96 WHITE ABIT TEXTURE, a testament to ingenuity in fashion design. Crafted from the luxurious and eco-friendly material known as Bamsilk, this distinctive shirt stands as an embodiment of modern sophistication. The name itself, HLS RIVULET AS96, evokes a sense of fluidity and grace, mirroring the smooth and refined texture of the garment.

    Bamsilk, derived from the pulp of the bamboo tree through a cutting-edge production process, emerges as the star material in this creation. Beyond its eco-conscious origins, Bamsilk contributes to the shirt’s exceptional characteristics, boasting an unparalleled softness that caresses the skin with every wear. The fabric’s innate coolness ensures a refreshing experience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking comfort without compromising on style.

    What sets this variant apart is its subtle texture, delicately woven into the fabric, elevating the design with a touch of understated complexity. The HLS RIVULET AS96 WHITE ABIT TEXTURE is a visual and tactile delight, offering a unique visual appeal that transcends the boundaries of traditional fashion.

    Priced at $85, this shirt not only reflects a commitment to contemporary design but also embodies a conscious choice for sustainable fashion. Embrace the allure of HLS RIVULET AS96 WHITE ABIT TEXTURE, where style meets eco-conscious craftsmanship, and make a statement that extends beyond the realms of fashion.


  • Custom Made Fit
  • Dry Clean only
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