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About Huey Lam

Huey founded Huey Lam Suits, a place where customers could experience the joy of having clothing made just for them. From selecting fabrics to perfecting the fit, Our team works closely with each client to deliver the most fitted and stylish suit they’ve owned.

Huey is passionate about sustainability and ethical practices in fashion. He believes in using eco-friendly materials and supporting fair labour practices, ensuring that his work leaves a positive impact on the world.

Today, Huey Lam Suits is known for its dedication to craftsmanship and personalized service. With Huey leading the way, the studio continues to be a destination for those seeking quality, style, and a touch of bespoke luxury.

As a Tailor, I have seen a lot of ill-fitted suits and shirts. The suits at most retail stores may look great, but they often need to be readjusted to fit your body, and the quality can be sub-par. There is no such thing as a suit that fits everyone, I’m confident that my suits are of the highest quality, with the highest level of Tailoring, and are made just for you. This is backed by my satisfaction guarantee.  “

Huey Lam

Our Studio

If you are a local shopper, we invite you to book your personalized fitting in our Calgary Studio. For those outside Calgary, our commitment to personalized service extends with our online offerings. Simply submit your measurements, have a virtual fitting at your convenience, and allow us to create a bespoke suit that transcends distance.

Our Service

We prioritize a personalized experience. Our customers’ style, fabric preferences and precise measurements are meticulously incorporated into the creation of their garment.

Our Prices

At our highly competitive price points, you can experience the luxury of a custom-made suit tailored to your unique preferences without compromising on quality or style. With rates as low as $650.00, purchasing an exquisitely crafted men’s suit is an affordable option. We have a diverse collection of premium fabrics, weights and styles available, so bringing your custom suit to life is just one consultation away.

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